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Free shipping within USA. Outside USA shipping $9.99 per order
Free shipping within USA. Outside USA $9.99 per order.

About Us

We are proud to be an American business from Edison, New Jersey, United States of America (USA)!!

We are passionate about the best looks, living in a great style and do better in whatever we get into. Following our awesome passion, we introduced AwsomU, a Fashion, Home and Lifestyle brand for our awesome customers. AwsomU focuses on offering great products at the best possible price. We want our customers to do just awesome in every aspect of their life.

AwsomU is a brand owned by the company Acrossinfinity Inc. Acrossinfinity was established in 2015, and has been doing business in technology, education and retail space.

At AwsomU, we work very hard, day and night, to select the best products. So what you get is always of high quality at the best price point. We have our warehouses and partner warehouses all over the United States. We are committed to work with all emerging and established American brands.

We also work with top brands and manufacturing facilities outside the United States. Prime countries outside the United States include UK, India, Canada, China and Vietnam.

If you are a small business based out of the United States, we are looking forward to working with you. Businesses outside the United States are welcome too. We put our customers and partners first. Your success is our success!

We are always open to learn from our customers about how we do. So, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are constantly improving and making our services better for our customers and partners.

NOTE: The privacy, security, health and satisfaction of our customers, warehouse partners, logistics partners and suppliers are our top priority.

We hope you enjoy shopping at AwsomU!! Be Safe, take care.

With Love,
KC & Sana
(The founders)